Having adopted a body positive philosophy and strongly believing that sizes and body shapes shouldn’t put limits on style, mat. fashion has been creating for more than three decades modern outfits that embrace every woman’s curves and encourage her to bring out her unique personality.
In a cozy space with high end aesthetics and fashion forward design, the mat. store is the only shop in the Avenue Mall exclusively dedicated to plus size fashion. You are always welcome to explore the full mat. collection, try on dozens of clothes, shoes and accessories, become a mat. club member and enjoy special offers and privileges.
In mat. fashion, the Greek company which owns 20 stores in Greece and is also present in hundreds of points of sale in more than 50 countries all over the world, we work passionately in order to expand our core values for high quality and innovation beyond borders. Providing every woman with services of an impeccable quality and uniquely stylish collections, mat. fashion has become a successful and reliable player in the fashion industry not only in Greece, but also globally. And this can only count as a victory for body positivity!