s.Oliver was founded in Germany in 1969 and is amongst the largest and most successful fashion companies in Europe.

In s.Oliver store provided full fashion concept with clothes and accessories and successful collections such as s.Oliver Selection Women and Men for attractive professional quality performances, Casual Women and Men for comfortable everyday look with a modern style and design and QS by s.Oliver collections for lovers of urban fashion trends. All series are accompanied by men’s and women’s accessories such as watches, jewelry, handbags, belts, and shoes for casual and for more elegant look that perfectly reflect the modern and demanding fashion trends, not only through the clothing and through accessories. Now the s.Oliver store you can find women’s collection by s.Oliver in sizes 48-52 and the complete collection of children’s s.Oliver JUNIOR. S.Oliver, presents the collection of clothing and accessories Junior for children, which is one of the best children’s collections in Europe.

The collection is created from high quality hypo-allergenic fabric, taking care of our skin health of children but also comfortable, projects freely leave the children to move as much as they see fit! In s.Oliver store, you will find all ages, from 0 to 16 years, clothing, fashionable, which can be worn at all times and you will love the kids!