The ΝΟΙΑΖΟΜΑΙ (I CARE) card is offered to those who need special and larger place to park easily, due to mobility disabilities. Using that card you can use the specified parking spots at a specially protected area in parking -1. However, there are many specialized spots at the -2 parking level as well, where the card is not needed.

When coming from Kifissias Avenue, a ramp has been placed to facilitate entrance in AVENUE Mall for people using wheel chair. Furthermore, movement is easy on all levels thanks to elevators and moving moving walkways, allover Mall.

Special hygiene areas exist at alla levels even at the parking area, for the disabled. at all levels.

This is the reason why Social Enterprise “Amfitriti”, covering the field of accessible tourism in Greece, honored AVENUE with the Platinum partner brand.

“Amfitriti” provides accessibility information through the website created by and is a member of 2 international associations, ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism) and CEFEC (Social Firms of Europe) with thousands of members and active action in Europe. It is an extroverted company with important partners-assistants.

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