Alouette leads the little protagonists of our lives into the comfiest & coziest fashion journey!

Today, Alouette S.A. creates, designs, produces, imports, and features the most stylish collections of children’s’ clothes and accessories, through a dynamically evolving network of 36 stores spanning across Greece.

Every collection accompanies our little heroes throughout each activity of their everyday life; in school, at game time, at parties, during travels, at the beach, and in sports, combining elegance, exceptional construction, and above all, high-quality materials, from 1976 until today.

Besides the Disney, Paul Frank, Santoro, and Smiley exclusive collections that we carry, at Alouette one can discover a range from casual sweats sets and practical jackets, to fashionable styling ideas for the most special occasions! Exceptional gift guides for children 0-16 years old, remarkable benefits, and astounding prices lift the spirits and skyrocket the shopping game in another dimension.