Youthful, modern, feminine clothes and accessories with an attitude. BSB offers quality products combined with cutting edge design for young women with style. Women who love fashion and feel attractive while enjoying their femininity. The aim of BSB is to provide a unique shopping experience. Running since 1980, BSB nowadays holds a leading position in the industry of women’s fashion & apparel.The target group of BSB is women between 18 to 34 years who love fashion, live a modern lifestyle and want to express their personality and their femininity through their wardrobe choices.

The undoubted quality of the end product, a result of the high standards set by BSB, combined with design, production flexibility and planning are the fundamental elements of brand excellence.

These are the key points that have enabled BSB to infiltrate and establish itself in a strong competitive environment in which BSB already holds a dominant position.
In BSB shops, the experienced and well-trained staff will guide you into the fashion industry, and even more specifically into that of women’s clothing. You will be informed about the new fashion trends and helped out with smart styling tips you can then customize into your own style and taste.