Cucunari aims to introduce our healthy eating and to meet all our fresh treasures of the earth. So we are flooded with small bags and beautifully decorated gift boxes, hiding them many delicious things.

Here, then, an impressive variety of nuts, homemade cereal bars with sesame paste, banana, fig, chocolate and sugar-free, handmade milk chocolate bars, health, almond, with corn flakes, white with oreo or orange and sunflower seeds. Still, large variety of dried fruits, superfoods (sea buckthorn, goji berries, quinoa and many more), spices, tea, honey from small Greek producers but also many flavors of traditional halva Cosmides.

If, however, you are looking an original and delicious gift, Cucunari has for this solution, and the courteous staff will propose you beautiful and elegant packages with combinations of nuts, sweets and wines or spirits.

And do not forget to get fresh ground, handmade coffee.