The Greek signature in jewelry!

GREGIO. A team of Greek gold and silver craftsmen, designers of original, inspirational and trendy jewelry since 1999 – following the family tradition that dates back to the early 70’s.

Its signature accompanies an eclectic mix of authentic jewels in gold, silver and selected gems. All are pieces of art meeting the demands of modern women for high quality and complete their look with that important special finishing touch.

Its philosophy is stated clearly in each and every jewel, and expresses the Greek point of view in jewelry.

A point of view deeply inspired by the rich nature and history of the country.

A point of view present on all 30 different collections which make everything we have ever dreamt of about jewelry… a reality.

A new proposal that managed to gain praise all around the world and be loved by each and every woman!

Jewels modern, unique, glamorous, designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece, affordably priced, which earned the international admiration.

This is exactly what the name GREGIO states.
The Greek spirit in jewelry.