MAIK Artistic Team hair salon, located on the 1st floor of the Avenue Mall Athens, welcomes you every day with safety! We open daily from 9:00 to 19:00, following all necessary precautions to ensure your health. With professionalism and eagerness to take care of your beauty, our salon offers customers the following services in a warm and comfortable environment: Women’ and men’ haircuts • New hairstyles • Colour treatment for women and men • Highlights • Perms • Extensions. Furthermore, our nail bar features a variety of nail styles and techniques such as: • semi-permanent manicure/pedicure • simple manicure/pedicure.

A unique highlight is our salon’s specially designed outdoor area, where all the above services are provided. We respect your time, providing our services by appointment only. To book your appointment please call or email us at: Phone: 210-6179222-3 Email:  For more information on the MAIK Artistic Team hair salon please visit our website at: We look forward to hearing from you and we welcome your comments, to take even better care of you!