About Us

Strong past, purposeful present and definite future.

Back in 1992, when our company started its momentum development in the field of eye care, MARK AaLEN’s first store was located at Nea Smyrni area. Every person who visited MARK AaLEN store was filled with the impression that “here is the expert  for my eyes”.

Building a relationship based on trust and friendship is our main and non-negotiable principle and that is where the MARK AaLEN was based on since 1992 until now, over a period of three decades. During this period, our company has proved to be the largest chain of opticians in Greece until today.

Our Location

MARK AaLEN currently counts 20 shops, 16 are located in Attica, 1 in Thessaloniki, 2 in Patra and 1 in Crete.

Faithfully implementing its business plan, MARK AaLEN develops constantly, expanding its network not only in Attica but in other cities, always with the purpose of the total satisfaction of every customer in such a sensitive and demanding sector as the field of vision care.

Our Vision

MARK AaLEN’s stable and everyday development applies across all levels. Thousands of satisfied customers, thousands of loyal friends growing day by day, countless opportunities and possibilities.

Our vision is to offer integrated services, innovative high-tech ophthalmic products, in conjunction with fashion dictates. In this way we create a full package of incomparable services for our customers. The passion for vision is our leader, the obsession for perfection becomes the source of our inspiration, the result of our work is our motivation that broadens our horizons and turns MARK AaLEN into the quintessence of perfect vision!

Our Products and Services

The qualified personnel of our shops can offer you the perfect suggestion for your own case. In our stores you’ll find:

  • The largest collection of sunglasses with the hottest models of every season
  • Eyeglasses with high-tech ophthalmological lenses
  • Special section for contact lenses with modern fitting room
  • Equipped manufacturing and repairing workshop
  • A wide variety of consumable products (glasses cases, cords)

Our 9 table of guarantees:

  • Sunglasses eyewear and lenses at lower prices
  • Total satisfaction of 30 days for eyewear and 10 days for sunglasses
  • Goggles for your face
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of durable glasses
  • Free lens replacement for prescription change in 30 days
  • Replacement of progressive lenses with distance or reading glasses
  • Comfortable contact lenses
  • Exact fulfillment of prescription
  • Lifetime spare parts