With an annual production capacity exceeding 4 million units and a workforce of 1.300 individuals, Bluepoint is among Europe’s largest manufacturers of swimwear, lingerie and fitness articles. The Company comprises of three business units: Private Label Products, Wholesale of swimwear articles, and retail stores.

Sugarfree, the retail concept of Bluepoint capitalizes on 4 aspects of the Company’s business:

a) wholly owned manufacturing facility;

b) minimal turnaround time allows the weekly new product replenishment,

c) leading European ‘Fast Fashion’ know-how,

d) low cost manufacturing.

Consequently, the Company is qualified and equipped to execute a ‘killer’ Impulse Buy Retail Concept combining:

(a) ‘Always-fresh’ product offering.

(b) High fashion content, reflecting the latest, up-to-the-minute fashion trends.

(c) Irresistible Prices.


The product offering is women’s and men’s underwear, swimwear and lounge wear.